Commencement Ceremony Video

Ordering Instructions

Thank you for your interest in ordering an

SPS High School Commencement video!

This year, there are two ways to order a copy of commencement:

a DVD ($35) and a Digital Download ($25). 

To order a DVD, fill out the PDF order form to the right and mail it with a check or money order to the address on the form.

To order a Digital Download, call 417-523-9600 (ext. 9) and tell  the financial secretary that you would like to place an order for a digital download and for which school. You will need a credit card, a physical address, a contact phone number and a working email address (preferably Gmail).

Please note, digital download links will all be sent out on the same day later this fall. Digital Download links will be linked to the the customer's email address. The Digital Download will need to be downloaded within 7 days of receiving this email; After that time, the link will be removed. 


To protect the rights of our students, there will not be a streamable copy of the video online; all Digital Downloads will be the responsibility of the purchaser to download and store the video on their own storage media during that 7 day period. If a customer digitally shares/duplicates/distributes their Digital Download, they forfeit their right to the content, the $25.00 paid for the content, and legal action can be taken against that  customer by SPS. 

All proceeds of DVD and Digital Sales go toward student journalism and film education at Central High School. 

If you have any questions, please email the CHS Media Adviser, Josh Cantrell, at jccantrell@spsmail.org. 


Central Intelligence is an award-winning multimedia news program created by the broadcast journalism students of Central High School in Springfield MO.