• Sophia Birmingham and Grace Tyau

Student Musicians During the Pandemic

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

During a time of isolation, making music has been a form of escape for many, but learning how to do so safely has presented student musicians with a few problems to solve.

Adjusting in and out of Rehearsals

Maggie Stanfield has had a unique experience as a Central Choir section leader during this fall semester. In a school year full of unprecedented changes, Maggie finds new ways to further her music while staying motivated as a student musician.

When Crisis Occurs, Opportunity Arises

Lennon Rauhoff is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band Catalina. Navigating the formation of a band during Springfield's shut-down presents the members with challenges unique to a time of distance.

Catalina performing

A Teacher's Perspective

As Central High School's Band Director, Chris Rohrbaugh provides the perspective of a music teacher during the pandemic. As new precautions modify the way music is taught and performed, teachers are also presented with the challenge of forming relationships behind a screen.

Mr. Rohrbaugh safely practicing

Check out Catalina

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